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Shopping carts have proven to be useful transport devices. Why turn our back on them? If ownership issues were the key problem for not using the cart in this design (claiming back the carts by the police to return them to the rightful owners), then we’d rather look for a solution for that. So we did. We come up with a donation plan: where city governments cooperate with supermarkets. They create the FreeCart plan in which both parties acknowledge the fact that people live on the streets and that carts help them make a living.It works as follows:
Supermarkets donate carts (as many as they want to) which they do not claim back.
City governments donate free accessories.

The accessories can be attached to any type of shopping cart
a – shelter (marquise + shelter + cocoon)
b – stretcher (chair + stretcher + bed)
With the accessories the cart can be transformed in a mobile home, a lounge chair or a facility for walking dry on rainy days. The cart becomes a rolling cocoon. Its impact in the cityscape is soft and kind, like a baby’s trolley. Space claim is temporary, mobile remains the key word. Both parties can use the FreeCart plan as a means of PR.

Competition/ Design Boom/ Selected Project among 4300 participants. Collaboration with Martijn van den Bosch